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Are Window Shutters Warmer Than Curtains?

Curtains provide a sense of elegance and vibrance to your house. They also coordinate well with window shutters in Richmond, creating a statement in any house.

You might prefer one, or use the two to complement your space’s design. Curtains might seem like a homey pick, but there are a number of things to look at before you make up your mind.

Louver Shop of Richmond provides a complimentary, in-home consultation that helps you understand your options. It’s easy to figure out what suits your space when we bring the showroom to your living room. We’ll show you the collection of options in many different styles, all at no cost or obligation. Arrange yours today for local, individualized service and an everything’s-included price quote.

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What Makes Louver Shop of Richmond’s Shutters Rise Above the Competition

Here are some examples of why shutters are useful additions to your window coverings.

1. Reduced Heat Loss

We custom produce our shutters to suit your windows, regardless of size or shape. This creates fewer breaks in your windows for frigid outdoor temperatures to squeeze through and heated indoor air to escape.

This is notably important since windows are the guiltiest culprit for energy loss. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates they can let out up to 30% of your house’s energy.

Our faux wood LouverWood® Shutters insulate up to three times more effectively than wood shutters. That’s prospective utility savings you can see on your heating and cooling bill season after season.

In the summer, you can open your windows while keeping your shutters open or shut. This provides more influence over ventilation without your window treatments rattling in the breeze.

2. Increased Light Control

Since curtains can only be opened or closed, they don’t give you the flexibility that shutters can. Our exclusive PerfectView™ Louver Control allows you to leave your shutters just how you want them. All while stopping the tilt bar from blocking your view.

3. Custom Made for Your Windows

At Louver Shop of Richmond, we make shutters to precisely fit your windows. You can decide your material, louver size, color/stain and more.

4. Straightforward to Clean

Shutters are a breeze to clean. All you require is a soft rag or a duster. Curtains may demand time-consuming washing or expensive dry cleaning fairly often.

Keep Warmer on Chilly Days with Our Shutters

While curtains make a room feel more comfortable, plantation shutters offer an upscale look that can keep your energy bills down.

Still deciding whether you want traditional wood shutters or faux wood shutters?

Our free, in-home design appointment will help you make the final selection. Plus, you’ll have your cost before you buy with our Complete Comfort Pricing™.

When you shop with Louver Shop of Richmond, you’ll have an American-made window treatment that will be gorgeous for a lifetime. We guarantee it.