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These Three Window Treatments Suit Bold, Boho Styles

In the last several years, homeowners noticed that their home’s interior design was in desperate need of an update. Looking for more dynamic styles, they were attracted to the distinctly rambunctious parts of boho interior design. With striking colors and a strong connection to quality vintage pieces, the boho style is perfect for anyone who prefers items that last, regardless of what period they’re from.

Window treatments could not be an obvious choice for contributing boho style to your home, but new shutters or shades can create the textured, free-spirited look you deserve just as easily as a piece of furniture. And with lots of customization opportunities, your window treatments can also enable the personal details that turn a pair of windows into your windows. Request a free consultation from a local design consultant for help checking out all the options.

Deliver Texture and Natural Elements with Woven Shades

One of the key design principles of boho styles is a diverse list of natural elements. You’re not just limited to the materials themselves like wood and stone, but also their appearance. Selecting a bold animal print for a throw pillow, for example, or keeping wood unpainted are classic boho looks. Many custom window treatments can provide similar specifics.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are the perfect choice. With an assortment styles to explore, you can see to it that your preferred shades complement the rest of the décor wonderfully. These shades allow filtered light to pour into the space, throwing dynamic shadows and contributing another layer of visual interest to the space.

Keep Bright Colors Afloat with Designer Roller Shades

Another principle of boho style is stunning color. You can experiment with anything from reds and oranges that sizzle to softer olive greens and yellows. You can even combine patterns and textures that generally don't work well with other décor styles. With this level of flexibility and visual detail in the room, you want custom window treatments that call attention to it.

Designer Roller Shades come to mind. You have more than 300 fabric options to choose from, and you can change up the fabric opacity and color as well. These gorgeous roller shades can either be the funky focal point of a space or a mellow complement to your favorite chair.

Blend Vintage Fashion and Timeless Function with Traditional Shutters

A third aim of boho décor is a sense of cultural tradition. From art pieces to handmade crafts, celebrating a more global sense of style is a superb way to accentuate the intangible aspects of boho’s appeal. Classic, timeless window treatments can further support those parts.

Traditional Wood Shutters are terrific for fans of history, culture and vintage décor. These shutters are handmade with the finest furniture-grade hardwood, a durable material that can resist wear and tear for years. Narrow louvers and an assortment of paint colors can help you transform a space into something more appropriate for the global stage.

Turn Window Treatments into More Boho Style with Louver Shop of Richmond

Boho interior design is one of the most creative, eye-catching looks around, and a wonderful way to highlight your personal sense of style. Custom window treatments are an underrated way to update interior design, with the extra benefit of practical improvements to your windows like energy efficiency.

You can obtain the help of a local design consultant by scheduling a free virtual or in-home consultation. They have extensive experience converting your design goals into finished window treatments you’ll enjoy for years. To learn more about what Louver Shop of Richmond window treatments can give you, schedule your free consultation today!

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