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Combine Your Green Thumb with These Three Window Treatments in Richmond

Although our windows are the best places to appreciate the splendor of nature, plenty of homeowners aren’t happy with just looking at the scenery. In fact, they add a sense of rejuvenation and tranquility into their homes by introducing houseplants to make their important places seem even more special. An indoor garden is a terrific idea, but plants won’t always do well without care. They require the proper amount of sunlight as well as a balanced range of temperatures to continue growing.

Such requirements can conflict with keeping homes private and energy efficient. Fortunately, the correct window treatments provide the right compromise between sunlight, heat and energy efficiency. If you want professional help evaluating all the possibilities, check out a free virtual or in-home consultation. Your local Louver Shop design consultant should be glad to help you explore color, fabric types and other key details.

Sheer Shades Draw Natural Light Indoors

Sunlight is vital for houseplants, so you need plenty of it if you want your plants to thrive. This need for a steady supply of light can get in the way of enjoying a perception of privacy. Sheer shades correct this problem by allowing light in while keeping prying eyes out. Pick from various fabric opacities to fit your privacy concerns with the demands of your houseplants.

Nantucket Window Shadings are an ideal example. These fashion-focused shades transform bright sunlight into a cozy glow well suited for drawing out the natural beauty of your plants. They recede behind the headrail when open, making them an excellent option for homeowners who prefer a plant on full display. And when you want some privacy, floating vanes and sheer fabric see to it that you can keep a space vibrant and beautiful.

Honeycomb Shades Resist Withering Heat

Even houseplants can experience too much of a good thing. Most plants don’t tolerate cold, but excess heat can wither leaves and leave the plant looking wilted. This can turn hot summers into a battlefield as you try and keep plants warm without scorching them in the afternoon sun. A quality set of honeycomb shades is a formidable tool in your arsenal.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades use insulating pockets of air that can deter scorching heat from harming your houseplants. You can choose between single, double or triple-cell construction to find the best design. Honeycomb shades are available in plenty of sheer fabric types, ensuring your houseplants experience all the benefits of sunlight with fewer drawbacks.

Plantation Shutters Endure Humid Conditions

Shades are perfect for a gentle, relaxing look, but what about something with a tad more structure? Plantation shutters construct a regal sense that would fit right at home in an upscale greenhouse or home conservatory. Merely tilt the louvers to your desired position to admit light in without compromising privacy. You can double down on materials found in nature with hardwood shutters or pursue an energy-efficient alternative.

LouverWood® Plantation Shutters combine the resilience of hardwood with the energy-efficient insulation of thick PVC. With up to three times the insulation, you can showcase numerous plants nearby without converting the space into a magnet for humidity or pests. Your LouverWood shutters will remain stunning as they stand up to heat, moisture and the test of time.

Enjoy Nature Indoors and Out

Houseplants are a tiny slice of the great outdoors, but they can occasionally create big issues for homeowners who want more from their windows. Thankfully, new custom window treatments can provide for both you and your plants. Why not request a free consultation to find out what looks would best suit your home? Our design consultants can help translate your distinctive sense of style into features offered by Louver Shop of Richmond window treatments.

Check Out Shutter Models and Details with Our Visualizer Tool

Plantation shutters are exceptionally customizable. So much in fact that sometimes it can feel intimidating to sit down and make choices. You can use our Visualizer tool to check out different looks and find out what suits your sense of style best. Pick a sample photo or even upload one from your own home to appreciate how beautiful custom shutters will look in your favorite room.